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$69.99 Adult ($5 Savings), $46.99 Child
  • Jean-Pierre, Riemst, Limburg, Belgium
    Posted Nov 14, 2015
    Perfect way to see the city with kids. You really get value for a good price. My kids loved Muir woods too.

  • Laura, Tampa, Florida
    Posted Sep 11, 2015
    The price for this tour was the best deal available. Even the vendor was impressed when I turned in my voucher. Generally speaking the tours were great and all guides were friendly and informative. The only thing that kept it from being 5 star was that the Muir Woods tour was a bit inconvenient. There is one direct bus at 9am that was great but to get home you had to take the bus from the woods to Sausalito, wait for a transfer bus that only comes every 40 minutes, take that bus to the Golden Gate Bridge stop, then transfer again to another bus back to the tour start. The whole thing would have taken hours after a long day.

  • Kin, Barnesville, MD
    Posted Aug 10, 2015
    Very easy, convenient, and cost effective way to see the city. I would highly recommended it.

  • Deb,
    Posted Apr 11, 2015
    Great tour - there was an hour wait but they went and got another bus for is! Guide was very knowledgeable

  • Dianna,
    Posted Oct 2, 2014
    This tour/package was amazing!!! I had so much fun. Spencer was a GREAT guide. He was so fun, nice, welcoming and knowledgable. Just an all around great guy!!! And Peter was great too- extremely knowledgable. All the guides were great. I feel bad because I forgot some of their names. This package was the best I found and I did my research. The best part was being able to spend several hours at Muir Woods. It such a beautiful and majestic place and you will want more than 75 minutes which is what other companies offer. San Fran is great!!! I will def. be back and when I do will be buying this same package again. Thank you for offering an affordable and wonderful vacation package. I have such fond memories of the sites I saw, the facts and trivia the guides shared and the wind in my hair as we drove through the city!!!!

  • ovelia,
    Posted Aug 1, 2014

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